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Water Equipment - Details: Products


How the Water Station Works

The Water Station has 7 filters through which your water will pass through before becoming your drinking water.
1 - Sediment Filter - Reduces suspended particles in water such as dirt or sediment.
2 - Granular Activated Carbon - Reduces chlorine, chloramines and other water treatment plant by-products.
3 - Carbon Block - Reduces herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides.
4 - TFC Membrane - Reduces TDS, heavy metals, germs and tiny impurities from water.
5 - Ceramic - Reduces 99% ecoli bacteria and salmonella from the water.
6 - pH Boost - Healthy organic minerals are added leaving water pH balanced.
7 - Carbon Block - Reduces and absorbs odours, leaving water with a clean, fresh taste.


How the Water Conditioner Works

As water flows through the Soft Conditioner, the calcium, magnesium and other hard water minerals are removed by ion exchange process, chlorine is also reduced and the water is once again as "soft" as its original form. In the Soft Plus Conditioner, in addition to hardness minerals, iron will also be reduced.

When the Water Conditioner becomes saturated with hard water minerals, the system goes automatically into cleaning mode. This is the process that washes the hard water minerals down the drain, making it ready to condition the water again and again.


How the SIM Works

The SIM works by adding oxygen to the incoming water by passing it through a bubble of compressed air. The water is then passed through a special filter bed. The SIM filter comes with a special media that removes iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from water by increasing the pH of treated water as well as trapping precipitated iron.

As more water passes through this iron filter, the oxygen in the unit is used up, and the media gets loaded with iron. The regeneration process then begins in order to replenish the supply of oxygen, and to backwash the precipitated iron trapped in the  media bed.


How the UV10 Works

The UV10 uses ultraviolet light to disinfect your water, without the use of harsh chemicals like chlorine. UV light disinfects by interfering with microorganisms DNA, inactivating bacteria, spores and viruses. UV light penetrates an organism's cell walls and disrupts the cell's genetic material, making reproduction impossible. Therefore microbes can't reproduce to make you sick. UV bulbs are lightweight, easy to use and simple to maintain. The UV10 will provide you with clean, disinfected drinking water for years to come.


How the TOCC Works

The TOCC Unit is a whole home system that reduces unwanted Taste, Odour, Chlorine & Chloromine from your water (hence the TOCC name).

The filter uses a special catalytically enhanced carbon media which efficiently removes the chlorine and chloramines from water. Regular granular activated carbon media has less catalytic activity which will only partially remove chloramines from water. Controlled laboratory testing provides evidence of high chloromine removal capacity of the special media used in our products. The filter has been designed to achieve effective and efficient removal of chloramines and chlorines from water.


How the Whole Home Filter Works

The Whole Home Filter (WHF) is a solution to water filtration needs in your home. It contains two large filters, a sediment filter to reduce dirt and other sediment in the water as well as a carbon filter to reduce the chlorine and odour of the water. Together the WHF filter can reduce: Rust particles, Iron, Sediment, Bade taste, Odour, Chlorine taste and odour as well as Pre-RO filtration.

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